Ritual Memorization Workshop

The Fifth Manhattan District Lecture Series & Legends of the Craft Presents :

“Ritual Memorization Workshop – Secrets of Master Ritualists”

Featuring –
RW:. Rafael Preza && W :. Anthony Kofi A. Osei-Tutu

Everyone says memorizing ritual is important, but no one teaches you how to memorize ritual. Most of us use outdated methods that make memorizing ritual a CHORE!! Well that changes now.

The Ritual Memorization Workshop will help you save time and energy memorizing Masonic ritual. You will feel more confident and motivate to tackle ritual of any size, and you will develop a deeper understanding of the craft.

We will dissect your current ritual memory method, eliminate any inefficiencies, and give you a series of tips, tricks, techniques, and ideas on how to turn it into a finely tuned tool of masonic instruction.

We will also cover:

* The ancient reason Masons memorize ritual
* The 5 Myths of Memory that are hurting your inner Ritual Rockstar.
* The simple Secret to Memorization and improving your memory (supermemorization) as confirmed by science and ancient practices.
* Why preparing before you study ritual will save you time and give you confidence.
* How to make ritual easier to study and recall by turning it into a catechism.
* advanced memory tools

All attendees will leave with an information packet, with additional training material.

Dress code: Business Casual

I look forward to seeing you all.

Details –
Monday, October 7th, 2019
7:00 pm
12th floor Chapter Room
Masonic Hall
71 West 23rd Street

For more details, contact :
Rafael Preza: rpbaron92@gmail.com
Anthony Kofi A. Osei-Tutu & Naneen Christopher: info@legendsofthecraft.com

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