2018 Legends of the Craft Symposium – “Masonry During the Age of Enlightenment”

” Since 1717 there have been over 1000 ‘Masonic’ degrees created. The most popular survived and are included in many of the Rites, Orders, Systems we know today. Like a meal, each degree is only as good as its creator.”
– “Is Masonry Esoteric?” Arturo De Hoyos

The Legends of the Craft Symposium – “Masonry During the Age of Enlightenment” is an one day educational experience for Master Masons interested in the development of masonic rituals . We are grateful to the Brothers of Shakespeare Lodge No. 750 and Continental Lodge No. 287 for being the inaugural host.

The theme of the symposium is the stories and legends of the people, events, degree systems and rituals that were active during the European Age of Enlightenment (1650’s to 1820’s). We know that from 1717 onward Speculative Masonry evolved into a multi-degree ritual system. What happened next influenced the development of many masonic degree systems and are important Legends of the Craft.

The Symposium features four lecturers of well-renown in the Masonic cosmos :

Josef A. Wages Bio “Stephen Morin and the Baylot Manuscript – The Origins of the Order of the Royal Secret”
Piers Vaughan Bio “The Magician, the Mystic and the Mason – The unlikely origin of the Rectified Rite”
E. Oscar Alleyne Bio “The Legend of Comte de St Laurent and his role in Scottish Rite Freemasonry”
Arturo De Hoyos Bio “Early Scots Masonry, the Royal Arch, and the Scottish Rite.”

Each scholar instructed for 30 minutes and then entertain 15 minutes of Q & A. There were breaks in between lecturers for Brothers to mingle and also purchase items from the vendors.

After the Symposium we had our “Feast of Legends” a summertime festive board. The festive board was $55 for regular admission and $80 for a premium ticket (premium includes our LOTC Tracing coin and pin set). It was a great time and we unveiled our legends punch and Festive Board ritual

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Memories :

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