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Our mission is to share the profound, the interesting, the empowering – essentially, the hidden gems of Freemasonry. Whether we find those gems in a book or at a festive board with our brothers, we want to find these stories (legends) and share them with the Masonic World.

Our team here at LegendsoftheCraft.com has over 30 years experience in Masonry, so as you can imagine we’ve built up tons of resources on the best Masonic Experiences – particularly in terms of education, fellowship, and charity.

If it’s your first time here, we know everything can be kind of confusing, so we‘ve created this page, loaded with some of our best resources, to properly initiate you into our community.

************************************************Disclaimer ************************************************

Before we begin we must address some elephants in the room.

Some of the biggest questions about Freemasonry are, is it a secret society? What can and can’t be revealed in Freemasonry? What are Masonic secrets? Answering these questions is a long and extensive subject. We touch on it in our article – Masonic Secrets. As a team we are sensitive to the fact that different masonic jurisdictions have different rules on what is okay to discuss and display. We will look to the many rulings and edicts by Grand Lodges as a guide for what we do.

We fully understand that many of you who are visiting this site are not masons. Some of you are prospects, family members, and people just interested in masonic topics like symbolism, manhood, personal development, and western esotericism. We want you to enjoy this site as well, please understand however that certain aspects will be off limits to you.



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For us, the joy of masonry is, the illumination we receive, the relationships we make and the memories we build – about ideas, people, places, culture, history and even food. These amazing experiences are sometimes at our fingertips but we don’t even see them. So, we start paying attention. We open our minds. We treat each experience like a story, a legend, and we let it speak to us. Teach us. Transform us. It’s these experiences you will find on LegendsoftheCraft.com.