Arturo De Hoyos


Grand Archivist and Grand Historian of the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, and Director of the Department of Education and Heritage at the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C., where he directs and supervises all employees and operations of the Library, Museum, Archives, Educational programs, and Scottish Rite Research Society within the house of the Temple. The collection is comprised of over one million documents and photographs, which is one of global Freemasonry’s largest private resources. It includes original holographs by George Washington, Paul Reverse, Lafayette, and other notable Freemasons, as well as our substantial collection of manuscript proceedings, rituals and other rare items.

He is also grand Archivist and chairman of publications of the Grand College of Rites (GCR), a Masonic organization dedicated to the preservation and study of disused Masonic and quasi-Masonic ritual, and has edited Collectanea, the GCR’s annual transaction since 1994.

As one of the world’s foremost scholars on this history, rituals, and symbolism of freemasonry, in 2000 he was one of three people invited to the Vatican by the Roman Catholic Church to discuss Masonry.

He is a full and honorary member of many craft bodies, as well as various masonic appendant, concordant, and invitational bodies. He is a full and honorary 33° member of three Supreme council and win of multiple masonic awards including IX°, Chevalier Grand Croix – Societas Rosicruciana in Gallia (France), Merit Commendation, Grand Orient of Brazil – Parana, and the Albert G. Mackey Award for Lifetime Achievement, Scottish Rite Research Society.

Arturo has written over 60 books on Freemasonry including he following books which will be available for sale:

    • Esoterika: The Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry
    • Morals and Dogma: Annotated Edition
    • Masonic Formulas and Rituals
    • Freemasonry’s Royal Secret
    • Reprints of Rituals of Old Degree
    • Most Secret Mysteries
    • Allegorical Conversations

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