How to memorize the EA Catechisms in 10 steps or less

  1. The first thing you need to do is assemble your sources of instruction. Common and important sources of instruction are :
    1. Mentors, Designated Intenders (teach the ritual).
    2. Seeing the degree performed and hearing the work done.
    3. Ritual Cyphers that contain the ritual in code. Man y jurisdiction are strictly mouth to ear and a separate document will be made in that case.
  2. Working with a mentor, go through the cypher and number all the questions/request. Break each down into groups based on a theme. An example is preliminary questions, modes of recognition etc …
  3. Once you have reduce them all to groups, give each group a meaningful label. (A name and a description)
  4. Starting with the first group read out loud or have someone say the questions and answers, and develop an understanding of them.
  5. Your goal at this stage is to recognize the question and be able to give the correct answer, but it doesn’t have to be word for word.
  6. If you are
    1. Mentor – put the book away, and have your mentor tell you the question. The first time in full and the second time chunk and chain. Student follows mentor pattern, then says it by himself out loud. The same pattern is done for the answer. Then the student is to repeat both twice. Boost your memory power by standing in the proper position.
      1. Ex.
        Mentor – Whence came you?
        Student  – whence came you
    2. While the the mentor is teaching he should be observing the student, seeing where he messes up on and also taking care to explain any tricky points or the meaning of certain aspects.
    3. If you are/when you are working by yourself do the same as above acting as your own mentor. Only you don’t have to do the students parts of repeating after the mentor, and your book is the mentor. The best use of the cypher is to review after you have practiced with a mentor, but without one, then use the book.
  7. After each question then move on to the next, until the whole group is memorized. Then the mentor gives the students three test. First he asks each question in order and awaits a response. Then he asks them in reverse order. Finally he asks them in random order.
  8. When desired level of proficiency is reached, mentor and student switches, and student practices giving out question and answer.
  9. He does this for the next group of questions and answers and he chunks and chain each group individually.
  10. When he is completed he practices saying the whole part in various ways
    1. Only the questions
    2. Giving the answers
    3. In order
    4. Different groups