The Art of Memory: A journey from classical Greece to the medieval church and its arrival in the Royal Court of James I

Memory expert and author of ‘A Mosaic Palace’ Martin Faulks will be your guide on this fascinating journey that takes you right into the royal court of James I.

Blurring the lines between myth and reality, even the stars themselves have a part to play in a tale that traces the origins of this art back to Ancient Greece through the Christian medieval monasteries and ending up in the court of Renaissance Scotland. This Art of Memory was a specific set of disciplines and techniques whereby one would create a memory palace. This could be based on a real or imaginary place which, using intensive imagination, one would build up in the memory to the degree that it could be easily visited and used as a kind of mnemonic storehouse. Those who watched the Sherlock series featuring Benedict Cumberbatch may well recognise this technique.

Some videos that may be of interest to the Brethren

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DVD Memory Challenge

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