Meeters or Builders? Recently, I started watching a show called Knightfall on Netflix. It’s a Historical fiction about the Medieval Knights Templars. As a Mason and a fan of the Jedi (George Lucas based the Jedis in part on the Knights Templar), I was curious to see what parallels or ideas I could glean from the show. …

The Academy

The Legends of the Craft Academy is an online school for the study and application of Freemasonry.

The Academy offers courses for Brothers of all degrees, but our primary focus is on Master Masons. The Academy’s Featured Course is Builder 101 which teaches masons how to acquire the three precious jewels of masonic education – attention, instruction, and memory, and use it to conceive, memorize, and apply Masonic legends, lore, ritual, symbols and teachings for personal enlightenment and empowerment.

Our school also features courses focused on personal development, officer training, and lodge-building.