Memory Craft

Train Your Memory to Quickly Memorize and Accurately Recall Masonic Symbols, Ritual & Lore.

Memory craft is one of the most essential parts of effective Masonic education. 

A memory craft is the collection of knowledge and skills that a person or group possesses to speed up memorization, create easy to search databases, and store important information longer. Masonic memory craft is the use of memory skills for Masonic tasks.

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Masons use their memory craft for a variety of purposes. The most well-known purposes are to pass degree proficiencies or deliver ritual. Teaching masonic memory craft is a lost art in modern Masonry, and memorization is sometimes viewed as “a waste of time” or only possible for those blessed few with great memories.

However, those who understand the whys, and how-tos of memory  develop their own memory crafts and reap many benefits. For them, learning ritual happens fast it is like the scene in the Matrix, the curious ones are able to delve deeper into masonic symbols and build a wealth of knowledge stored mentally and available at their finger tips. Many  put their abilities to other uses, especially in the profane world.

Here are a few examples of ways that memory craft is used by Masons to achieve honor, profit, and pleasure for the craft and themselves :

The Worshipful Master uses memory craft to build a mental Rolodex in his mind to remember the names, faces and interest of each person he meets.  He also memorizes his agenda, and to do list, so he stay on track during meetings but not be confined to a paper. This was one of the reasons his year had high attendance. 1
2 An Entered Apprentice versed in memory craft quickly memorizes his catechism and is able to teach it to his fellows. He can say the questions and answers, and easily passes his degree proficiency. He even delivers a paper on his understanding of the degree from memory.
The Senior Deacon eager to prove himself and give all attending the next fellow craft degree a great experience, spends 2-3 months using his memory craft to master the middle chamber lecture. He is able to overcome numerous interruptions during the degree and is word perfect.

4 The Past Master uses memory craft to quickly develop proficiency in the language, cooking, and history of three countries before visiting on his work trip. At meetings he is always well-informed and provides quick and sound responses to objections. Memory craft helps him learn more in less time so he develops expertise in his field fast, leaving him with more time to fill his mind with tons of interesting information and experiences which improves his social intelligence and moral judgement. He is considered a genius and a true Renaissance man.

Masonic MemoryCraft articles on

LOTC wants to help reclaim this lost landmark of the craft and properly unlock all the gifts and rewards available to us from training our memories. In the following cornerstone articles,

(coming soon ….)

    • First we trace the Origins of Masonic Memorization, this will connect us with the striving of our forefathers and give us inspiration for our actions.
    • Our Dictionary contains an ever growing list of words and terms used on this site and in this section.
    • Next we look at the science of why masons suck at memorizing
    • Finally, we will do a survey of 7 arts and sciences that are enhanced by Masonic MemoryCraft.

The previous articles help you understand “The Theory of Masonic Memory”. When you are ready to train and play the game check out these articles –

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    • Build your own verbatim (memorizing word for word) memory system.
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