Memorization 101
How to Improve Your Memory


How to quickly store information so you can recall it with easy.


 Memorization is one of the most essential tools of effective Masonic education.
Memorization is the skill of quickly organizing and storing information (whether in verbatim or understanding form) so that it can be recalled later.

To be considered a Chess expert, a person has to learn about 50,000 chunks of complex information that allow professionals to make better decisions and quickly solve problems. Studies show this is true for expertise in all domains, especially Masonry, as many experts rely on their accumulated remembered experiences to make decisions versus relying solely on a set of rules. Improved memorization & recall skills drastically “speed up” the expertise learning process by quickly and securely storing information, while  making memories easier to access. In fact expertise in memory has historical been seen as a superpower, with both divine and practical attributes.

Everybody can memorize anything given enough time, but most are unaware of how their memory works and how to improve their memorization efforts. For many, memorization is a stressful, and time consuming process.  Masons who learn to train and discipline their memories by memorizing masonic ritual, reap many of the benefits of the craft.  Specifically, the practice of memorization develops the following mental superpowers in a Mason :

  • Photographic Memory : A trained set of memorization skills and strategies to memorize more chunks of information faster and for longer.
  • Wise Counsel : An intelligent mental database of Masonic Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom.
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